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23 août 2007


Babases *w* :

base babase2 babase3 babase4 babase5
babase6 babase7 babase8 babase9 babase10

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25 août 2007

9 Thirteen + Paolo Nutini + BO banner

Avas pour Livejournal :

thirteen_copy thirteen_copy2 thirteen_copy3 thirteen_copy4 bitches bitches_copy best_friends01_copy best_friends02_copy forever_young_copy paolo_copy paolo_for_tuto paolo2_copy paolo_s_smile_copy daydream rewind_copy

Bannière "friends only":


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22 Tokio Hotel + others

Avatars Livejournal déjà fais :

3st_ava 4th_ava 5th_ava 6th_ava 9th_ava 2nd_ava 8th_ava keira_ava scarlett_copy scarlett2_copy my_drums ava_tom th live bilou 54 sexy_copy bill__copy tommmm_copy biloux_copy tomtom__copy tokio_hotel__copy gustav_copy georg_copy avril_lavigne_ avril_lavigne_2 Fob fob_2 Fob_3 paolo  Paolo_2 Bill toomm tom avril_01 Emma johnny_depp mika_naka mika mika_2 anna avril_02 avril_03 mika_naka_2 tokio_hotel gustav Tom3 Bill2 Tom2 twins fusion drums_addict Wo_sind_eure_h_nde Memories gentleman ava ava ava ava ava ava perfect_smile Ava_tommm ava_tom2 ava_gustav ava_georg

Bannière pour mettre dans LJ déja fais :

blason_tom blason_tom3 blason_tom2 blason_bill blason_tokio_hotel blason_georg

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27 août 2007

13 Tokio Hotel

georggeorg_copy tom_spots_copy tom_spots_copy2 drug_addict_copy georg_and_tom_copy tom_face_copy Twins_copy scratch_copy schwarz_copy fuck_copy crazy_copy dreamboy_copy a_bottle_copy

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21 septembre 2007

22 Tokio Hotel

tom_party_time_copy bill_party_time_copy georg_smile_copy georg_simle2_copy freiheit_copy freiheit_copy2 freiheit_copy3 perfect_copy tom_guitar_copy tom_s_perfect_smile_copy tom_s_perfect_smile_copy2 tom_grand_journal_copy georgggg_copy was__copy theband_copy dreamer_copy gustav_copy bill_s_smile_copy bill_s_smile_2_copy tom_s_smile_copy tom_kaulitz_copy gusgus_copy

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02 octobre 2007

30 Tokio Hotel

30 tokio hotel icons

tom___georg_copy tom___georg_copy2 tttwins_copy tom__3_copy tom_red_light_copy tom_red_light_copy2 tom_red_lightbis_copy tom_red_lightbis_copy2 band_red_light2_copy band_red_light3_copy band_red_light_copy band_red_light4_copy tokio_hotelllll_copy Biiiilllll_copy Biiiilllll_copy2 Biiiilllll2_copy Biiiilllll2_copy2 tom_ka_copy tom_ka2_copy tom_ka3_copy tom_ka4_copy the_band_concery_copy CONCERT_copy together_copy together_copy2 georgi_copy2georgi_copy gustii_copy gusti_grr_copy tokk_copy

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20 octobre 2007

26 Tokio Hotel (animated)

biloubilou4 Untitled_3 twinnns2 gus_tired tom_tired Gusti_playing gusti_kid perfect_smile tom_dances_with_us tomiiiii the_best the_bestttt bill_bye bill_bye2 tom_yeah tom_yeah2 tom_sans_casquette tom_make_up so_glamour pretty_woman georg_smile take_this taquet tom bill_crazy stay_cool

twins_twins_copy Bill_final_wish_copy Bill_final_wish_copy2 tom_heilig_copy tommm_copy tommm_copy2 gustav_light_copy georg_and_bill_copy

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30 octobre 2007

16 Tokio Hotel + 12 bfc + 11 Killerpilze

Tokio hotel

Bilou_redd_copy soul_meets_body_copy tomtomtomtom_copy tomtomtomichou_copy ___copy crazy_on_you_copy crazy_on_you_copy2 oh_god_copy3 oh_no__copy breathe_copy sigh music_addict_copy gustav_kid_copy gustav_kid_copy2 the_twins_on_stage_copy to___georg_copy

byousoku 5 centimeter

bfc_copy bfc_copy2 bfc_copy3 only_strengh_copy i_wanna_be_with_you_copy you_found_me_copy feeling_a_moment_copy bfc2_copy my_only_joy_copy heaven_copy paint_the_silence_copy tableau_copy


fabi_copy fab2i fabi_copy2 killerpilze_copy2 killerpilze_copy killerpilze_copy3 crazy_killerpilze_copy crazy_killerpilze_copy2 brothersss_copy  ji_copy2 max_copy

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02 novembre 2007

Mood theme [Tom Kaulitz]

aggravated grumpy infuriated awake confused confused determined predatory energetic enthralled happy amused relaxed surprised indescribable lazy sad bored discontent exhausted hot hungry thirsty scared thoughtful working cold

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14 novembre 2007

17 Tokio Hotel

Bill_sigh_copy Bill_sigh_copy2 tom_tom_tom_tom__copy tom_tom_tom_tom_2_copy complicity_copy smile_biill_copy hot_georg_copy gggeeorg_copy Bill_on_stage_copy lion_king_copy tom_s_perfect_smile_copy tom_s_perfect_smile_copy2 th_winner_copy th_winner_copy3 th_winner_copy4  EMA_copy EMA_copy2

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